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Tom & Linda Johnson and son Jeremy Johnson- Etal Partners was founded January 1, 1993.  The company began with residential septic systems, sidewalks, custom dozer work and other concrete projects.


On October 1, 1993, the company name was changed to Todd Johnson Contracting Inc.  In 1994, the company employed four people.  The scope of the work began to extend into more concrete projects.  By 1995, the company employed ten people and the the work expanded into the commercial market.  Contracts with other construction companies gave Todd Johnson Contracting, Inc.  an opportunity to build a favorable reputation throughout the commercial field. 


Entering into 1996 our company emerged even further into the Commercial and Industrial marketplace.  During 1996, State and County bridges were included in our projects.


By 1997, we had seventeen employees.  With an outstanding work crew and contract opportunities, the company began to realize the goals that had been set in 1993 were at last becoming a reality.


Todd Johnson Contracting, Inc. expanded to twenty-two employees and one additional office personnel in 1998. 


In 1999, Todd Johnson Contracting, Inc. entered into 

Commercial and Industrial Building Construction and continued until halfway through the next decade. After that, we decided to concentrate mainly on site preparation and underground utility jobs.


Today Todd Johnson Contracting, Inc. has since moved into new endeavors. Currently, we do underground utilities, blasting, site development, bridges and commercial concrete.

In October 2021 we will celebrate our 28th year in business.


Our company has a strong commitment to grow and to look toward the future, striving to meet our goals, while achieving quality work for our customers.


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Tom Johnson
Jeremy Johnson
Linda Johnson
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